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Volunteer your Equipment or Self

If you have a trailer or truck and want to join the collection crew, volunteer below by clicking the below options.

Thank you for helping our community!

FSI Team

Volunteer Sign-Up

To volunteer to haul, please fill out the form below to give the FSI Team an idea of capacity and availability

Are you volunteering to join a slash team to load?
If you are volunteering equipment, What size is your hauler (See below examples if unsure of size)?
Will you be attending lunch after the slash event?

Volunteer your Equipment SMALL (A)

Your equipment can haul smaller loads (truck size)

Truck Bed

Volunteer Your Equipment LARGE (C)

If your equipment can haul larger sized loads

(approximately 16 feet long x 5 feet wide)

Trailer Delivery

Volunteer your Equipment MED (B)

If your equipment can haul mid-sized loads

(approximately12 feet long X 4-5 feet wide)

Trailer Inspection

Volunteer to join a pickup Team

If you simply want to assist to pick-up loads with a team, fill out the form above.

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