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Slash and Dumpster Guidelines

What's accepted?

  • Slash - limbs, branches and tree debris

    • Maximum length - 8 feet

    • Maximum diameter - 6 inches

  • Pine needles

  • Tree bark

  • Pine cones

What's not accepted?

  • Construction material and lumber

  • Household trash

  • Metal material of any kind

  • Rocks

  • Tree stumps

  • Yard waste / grass clippings

  • Bags

  • Leaves


All bagged material must be emptied into the collection pile. Thank you for helping us be sustainable and efficient!

Slash Fee Info (official Jeffco Calculations)


Any size truck or trailer is welcome at Jefferson County Slash Collection sites. Dump fees are based on six cubic yards (162 cubic feet) of material: six yards is one load. The cost to drop off a single load is $24. 


Truck bed full to truck cab height

Trailer up to eight feet long by five feet wide by four feet high

Loads outside these parameters will be charged accordingly


  • A 16 foot long trailer that is five feet wide and stacked four feet tall with tree branches

  • 16 feet by 5 feet by 4 feet equals 320 cubic feet

  • 320 cubic feet divided by 162 cubic feet (six yards) = 1.98 "loads"

  • Each load is $24


Rounded off, this example trailer will cost $40 to drop at a Jeffco Slash Collection site.


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