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Welcome from the Blue Mountain Forest Stewardship Initiative (FSI)



The Blue Mountain Forest Stewardship Initiative (FSI) was founded in 2013, as a Colorado nonprofit corporation, 501(c)4, by a group of concerned residents to implement our Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) and address forest health issues in our heavily forested, 600 acre Blue Mountain Estates subdivision of 130 homes.  We raised money from our residents and received three matching fund grands from the Colorado Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant program to perform the extensive work needed to implement our CWPP.  The FSI has trained over 75% of our residents in Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) fire mitigation practices, held 14 community fire mitigation educational workshops, done fuel thinning along our egress roads, improved defensible space around our private water district's treatment plan and pump stations and completed logging projects to install two shaded fuelbreaks along steep and heavily forested hillsides adjacent to Jeffco Open Space Land.  The basic recommendations of our CWPP have been implemented, our community is designated as a Firewise USA Community, and the FSI achieved recognition at the 2018 Wildland Urban Interface Conference where we were awarded the national Wildfire Mitigation Award.  The FSI is committed to sharing our hard earned knowledge with other groups within the Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District which strive to replicate our success in their communities.

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We invite you to join us!

Again, welcome to life in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI - pronounced 'woo-ee').  As mountain residents we all know the need to learn how best to live with wildfire... and the steps we must take to protect our property and families against this threat.  The FSI provides the knowledge, tools and volunteer manpower to help you adjust to life in the WUI.  To support our mission, get training, keep your bit of forested lands healthy and enjoy the gratification of working as a volunteer alongside your neighbors, just send us a quick email and we will add you to the FSI's master email list.  This is our main method of communication so, to get timely information on each of our events, please drop us an email today at

Blue Mountain Forest Stewardship Initiative (FSI)

Neighbors helping neighbors for the benefit of all.

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